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  • chrisnye
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    I'm GMing a new 4E D&D campaign, and have been having fun building stuff up in OP. I'm working on getting the players on board with using the campaign wiki, but I had a couple of questions.

    If a player has an account here, creates their character, fills in the info (including a secret past in the "GM private info" box), and we add that character to the campaign, can I (as the GM) see the secret info box? Or is that more of a "owner private info" box that can only be seen by the user who created the character?

    Also, what access rights (if any) does the GM have to make additions / modifications to the pages of PCs in his campaign? If I wanted to tie in a bit of a PC's backstory to something else in the game world, but it required tweaking (for example) when something happened, could I edit the PC page directly, or would it require coordinating with the player and have him make the changes?
  • Wolvyn
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    The player can not see the GM Secret info, unless on the bottom of the page the player or you choose to (Publish) the page. Atleast my one pc that has so far signed up here can not see gm secret info i posted on his page. IF the page is published then everyone, logged in or not can view that page.

    You as the GM have 100% Access to his character as though you had made it yourself. You can change anything and everything you wish to.
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