Please move the "Change character IMG" tag off of portrait

edited January 2014 in Campaign Portal Building
Could we please get the "Change character IMG" tag moved so it doesn't cover part of the character portrait for GM's? Maybe moveit beneath the portrait or something? I have no idea why it was put where it was, but it's not a very good place to have it.


  • Maesenko
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    I'm inclined to agree with this. I just recently had to upload some character pics and I wasn't sure if the bottoms were getting cut off or not (I ended up opening another browser and viewed the page from "not logged in"). It would certainly feel more aesthetically pleasing for me.

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  • Bookscorpion
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    I would like that, too. It does nothing the edit button doesn't do, so it's not really necessary and it really bugs me how it covers the portraits.

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  • Pils
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    And since the "Change character IMG" leads to the edit page too (as the edit button), they could simply remove it...

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  • Maesenko
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    Right there with you, Pils. I know it's such a minor thing to complain about, but I wish I didn't have to update the page just for a character portrait.

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  • CameronHays
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    Dumb question, but say I actually want to "change character IMG..." How do I do that in the edit screen, because hitting the "change character IMG" button doesn't actually help me in any way.
  • bevinflannery
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    If you are looking at the character listing, you can click on the "change character img" link to open the edit page. (Or just open the edit page by clicking on the edit icon.)

    Then scroll down to the bottom of the edit page, where you again see the existing character image (if you have one; otherwise, it is just the default blank shape) with another "change character img" thingie. Click on that AGAIN, and it should pop up "click here to upload."

    Click there to upload. Choose your file to upload. Press save.

    So... um ... yeah, a lot of clicks for no discernible purpose.
  • Basileus
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    Some quick and dirty CSS to get rid of this button:

    @.character-show .character-avatar .frame a, .item-show .character-avatar .frame a {display: none;}@
  • Blitzburger
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    sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I just saw this last post, and needed to give it a big thanks!
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