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  • Lord_AO
    Posts: 38
    Looking for gamers in the St. Louis Area. Pathfinder system normally on Sundays. email [email protected]
  • NathanBlack
    Posts: 1
    Portland area....looking to play either 1e, 2e, or basic d&d...also open to retro clones.
  • Syrinx
    Posts: 42 edited February 2013
    (...back to the gaming board)

    "Do travellers dream of electric sheep?"

    Revivified Traveller game.


    We are up and running and are looking for new players.

    /Dave Et al
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  • seanpp
    Posts: 2
    ++Getting together a DARK HERESY game & looking for players++

    Game system: Dark Heresy
    Game location: traditional in-person pen & paper game in San Francisco
    Game time: We're looking to play every other Sunday from 2pm-10pm (Pacific Time Zone) starting March 31, 2013 (will generate a character with you prior to that first play session)
    Name of campaign: Emperor Preserve
    URL to campaign:

    Contact me via a private message through Obsidian Portal. (If you leave a message for me on this thread I may or may not notice it.)
  • Modric10191
    Posts: 1
    I'm looking to run a PbP here on Osbidian Portal. I'm putting together a Savage Worlds game in a fantasy setting. Contact me on Obsidian Portal by PM if you're interested. Thx.
  • Quickleaf
    Posts: 9
    I am starting an online game of D&D Next game in the Witcher setting.

    Any takers? PM me or see my thread in the classifieds section. Probably play-by-post but open to or other ideas.

  • Badbreath101
    Posts: 3
    Hi All

    Putting together a group in Leatherhead and surrounds in United Kingdom. We are two experienced players so far, but missing a DM and at least one more player (any experience). We are interested in playing 2nd and/or 4th edition, either every week or every second week on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. Although we would like to be based in the Leatherhead area we are willing to travel a little between London and Guildford within reason and as time allows.

    Please reply to this post if interested.

  • PhoenixMark
    Posts: 90
    I lost a key player in my Pathfinder game. We are in Sacramento, CA, play Friday nights. Could use one, perhaps two players. Check out my OP below and send me a PM if interested.


    "COTM June 2012":

    Also "Sactown Blues": and "Shimmering Kingdoms":
  • gaaran
    Posts: 740
    PMark, why do you have to be all the way up in SacTown? Move your game to the bay area and I'm in! ;)
  • LilyMaeveWillows
    Posts: 1
    To any player in Nova Scotia, particularly the Annapolis Valley, I am a DM with a pathfinder campaign called "The Fifth Age: An Age of Decay" in pathfinder. It has it's own section on this site so please check it out and inbox me if you are interested. I am afraid I am very new to this website, so I am unsure of the proper way to get players. I want to have at least five players interested before I post the place I have for us to play.

    Check it out and please inbox me if you are interested.
  • TheHammer
    Posts: 1
    Looking for Group!!! I'm in Lansing, Mi without any luck finding a group. Anyone looking for a player to join, I'm your man. I played a host of RPG products but my mainstays are 3.0 d&d and rifts. Willing to learn any new games or revisit old ones. Send me a message on here or email [email protected]
  • PhoenixMark
    Posts: 90
    Still looking for a player or two in the Sacramento, CA area. Friday nights - "Crimsons Skies": We could really use a magic using PC.


    "COTM June 2012":

    Also "Sactown Blues": (pre reforge) and "Shimmering Kingdoms":
  • EdHart1963
    Posts: 1
    Looking for 1 or maybe 2 more players for a Saturday Afternoon Star Wars Saga Edition game in central-eastern Massachusetts. Mature players only please. This is obviously a traditional game. I would assist new players in character development as needed. The campaign takes place late in the Dark Times era. Feel free to ask for info.


  • Dano
    Posts: 1
    I'm looking for a couple more players for my traditional game I'm running in the Burke, VA area. It's a homegrown Pathfinder RPG game I've name "The Weaver's Gate" (more details here: I've also started a MeetUp group as well if you want to check us out from that site: Feel free to inquire either in a pm to me, on the OP site, or the MeetUp site.

  • maacosta5
    Posts: 1

    I'm looking for established D&D groups in NC. Mainly, the RTP area. I'm open to any system or game, but I'm most interested in playing 3.5th, 4th, or Pathfinder. If there are any groups in the area looking for a player, please let me know. I would love for the chance to join you for a couple of sessions to see if I'm a good fit and if we match playing styles.

    Many thanks!

  • katefan
    Posts: 10
    Heloo, Portalers! I am currently running a super heroic PBEM called Motor City. It is free form and played on Yahoo Groups and I am always looking for new blood. The link is below and I think the Wiki should answer any and all questions. But if you want more info please feel free to contact me at:

    [email protected]
  • JosephGargiulo
    Posts: 7
    Looking for an Online Game. Pathfinder/D&D. I am located in Brooklyn N.Y. New Campaign or old one that needs a warm body is fine by me.
    Contact me at [email protected]. looking to hear from you soon.
  • MachineGunHarry
    Posts: 115 edited May 2014
    We are looking for 2 players to play every other Friday in the evening (7 pm MDT to 12:30am) for "Regnum": . We play over Skype and roll20. Players encourage to also participate via writing adventure logs and commenting on other logs outside of the Friday game times. We use the Palladium Fantasy System. If you are interested, please contact "AZ_Rune": or myself "MGH":
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  • AltoidLover
    Posts: 1
    Looking for players for an online game: "GURPS Supers: Empire City":

    I'm putting together a GURPS: Supers (4th edition) that should be starting in the next week or so.
  • Samuel_Gonzalez
    Posts: 1
    hey guys im new to pathfinder. played my first game at animefest it was a special event. and im looking to keep playing but it seems i cant find anyone. i live in San Antonio,TX
  • dragoner
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  • j_bee_uk
    Posts: 1
    Gosport / Fareham (UK)

    We are looking for one or two more people to join our Saturday night Pathfinder games. We play most weekends, although we miss a few and occasionally switch to Fridays (to suit player needs)

    We have just about finished Kingmaker (it has taken us two years) and will have a break from campaign games until Christmas. The new campaign will start in the new year so there is plenty of time for us all to get to know each other before that starts.

    Currently there are four of us, we are all 'older' players (male and female) (30s, 40s & 50s) and we are a bit old school. We play with races and classes from the CRB and our characters tend to get optimised for RP, and a bit of fun, rather than optimised for combat.

    So if you fancy a 'traditional' game played at weekends - get in touch.

  • leo_cook_161
    Posts: 1
    Sevenoaks, Kent (UK)

    Hi recently moved back to UK and looking to start a regular group to play pathfinder or to join an exisiting group locally (if that exists)

  • Syrinx
    Posts: 42
    Returning to survive in the harsh climate of Antarctica. I´m picking up my former game Antarctica 1983. A "The Thing" inspired online game using Call of Cthulhu as rules set.
    "Antarctica 1983":

    Accepting new and old players.

  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    Welcome back Syrinx!! Been a long time.....

    Just trying to help out.

  • Syrinx
    Posts: 42
    Yeah, so I thought - Let´s start over with them dead games. Two frosty ones are coming. One from the south and one from the north.
    By looking at the past months´campaign of the month, I have a hefty task to come on par with. Antarctica and Westeros Northern Wastes.
  • NikMak
    Posts: 379
    Hi leo_cook_161

    check out the link, I hope it helps
  • Sicklewood
    Posts: 3
    Hi peoples.
    I'm in Brisbane (Australia) and have had a difficult time finding people are interested in playing slightly different rpg's. by that I mean gmes like AFMBE, CoC, unknown armies, or their own homebrew. I think there must be many storytellers out there who have played enough to make up some eclectic mix that they call their own and want to experiment with others. Any ideas on how to get involved with these sort of gamers? Does anyone out there fit that sort of description and want to play online? if so let me know.
  • katefan
    Posts: 10
    Welcome to Science City, the most incredible metropolis on planet Earth. Here mad scientists do battle with sorcerers, pterodactyls vie for airspace with flying cars. It's survived aliens dropping rocks on it and extradimensional invasions. If you can make it as a super hero here, you can make it anywhere. You just wouldn't want to.

    It's 2019 and it's Science City.

    Weird is the new normal.

    Interested? Check out the web site, scan through the wiki and let me know if you have any questions either here or e-mailing me privately at: [email protected]
  • Teak_Dhara
    Posts: 61
    Hi everyone,

    I am back online after having lost my interest in pretty much everything last fall when my best friend died of cancer (leaving a wife and 4 kids). Time has healed my sadness and I am returning to things that have always brought me the most joy in life, including RPing and am restarting my Traveller, Pathfinder and D&D Basic campaigns. I have posted on the classified forum for each campaign specifically but I am posting a general note here on this sticky as well. I am looking for 1 to 3 players more per campaign.

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