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  • Wolvyn
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    Does anyone have a herbalism list handy? as in what herbs get combined to make what potions? dont matter the game system or world. I had one i made up for a 100 roll but i lost the computer it was saved upon.
  • FemmeLegion
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    Hmmm! I don't have one handy (though the book "GM Gems" has a GREAT list of things that can possibly go wrong in alchemy, including people vomiting up potion fluid).

    I suppose one place to start would be the SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/) - if you go through the list of spells, you would find spell components for casting each spell. It's not unreasonable to believe that at least a couple of those ingredients would be required also in making the potion.

    Failing that, why not post a list of spells you'd like to have potions for and we could just come up with ingredients for you? =) For example, I know for a fact there won't be any spell components for the Cure spells since they're usually divine magic. However, calendula (marigold) and comfrey root and vervain (verbena) were prized herbs in the middle ages for their healing properties. Vervain was actually known as "Simpler's Joy" (simpler being a word for herbal healers), because it was useful for so many things.
  • Wolvyn
    Posts: 26
    thanks for the link to that SRD thingy. that that just might come in handy for something or other.

    Far as potions I dont really have any specifics, both of my pc's have either cleric/wizard or just pure sorc for some of their classes.

    my multiclass pc [[:10642]] is a herbalist. hes found some random herbs over the past six months and just recently asked me about them when i asked him to look through his satchel of hording (infinate bag of holding)

    He has 37 herbs.
    22 of ????
    6 [patau mushrooms] astral travel or somekind of vision.
    2 [elven rose] material requirement to bring a dead elf back to life.
    2 of ????
    3 of ????
    3 of ????
    1 [fruit..??]

    He also has a herbmasters pouch (2e) that keeps herb/flower/seed put into it fresh. which hes filled with his "lucky nine leaf clover" which im sure you can guess what that is.

    i was thinking of using the following herbs..

    2d12 roll to detremine herbs found

    2. Agrimony (protection from magic, remove curse, sleep)
    3. Alder (Elemental magic -Air)
    4. Anise (Speak with dead, remove poision/disease)
    5. Basil (protection -mixed with others for specific results, does nothing on its own)
    6. Blackthorn (protection from evil)
    7. Carnation (strength)
    8. Comfrey (healing)
    9. Dandlion (healing mixed with comfrey)
    10. Foxglove (protection of an area)
    11. Frankincense (restores magical powers expanded)
    12. Hazel nuts (to intice the fairies to watchover a garden)
    13. Hops (sleep)
    14. Moonwort (diviniation)
    15. pine (clensing)
    16. rosemary (to befriend elves)
    17. sage (for wisdom)
    18. ol johnnies wart (invincibility)
    19. sealroot (elemental magics)
    20. ????? ((Water elemental magic))
    21. ????? ((fire elemental magic))
    22. ????? ((earth elemental magic))
    23. Elven Rose (that stone that looks like a rose.. it restores dead elves to life)
    24. Wormwood (invocation/evocation/visions

    Thats what ive been able to come up with, But i like said initiially before i lost my old pc.. (never pour tea onto a desktop, even on accident) i had a list of 100 different herbs and combos to create various effects.

    Thanks for the help in advance.
  • DarthKrzysztof
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    You might also take a look at Appendix J, "Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Vegetables," on page 220 of the AD&D 1st Edition _Dungeon Master's Guide._
  • FemmeLegion
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    Alternately, if you either live alone or cohabitate with folks who won't kill you for having books on "real magic" in the house, try "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews" by Scott Cunningham.

    (Or, y'know, do a Google search for "book of shadows" 'cause most such websites are put together by teen-witch wannabes who just copy and paste out of books. Sigh.)

    Oh, and your mention of hazelnuts "has now stuck a song in my head.":http://www.echoschildren.org/CDlyrics/NutsFromTheHazel.html
  • Wolvyn
    Posts: 26
    Is that the actual first ed dmg book or the rules cyclipedia(sp) darth? reguardless both at the house i run my table on weds so can referance either.

    I had a few of Scott's books from the time i walked another Path then my current one.
    I took those above actually from Ann Moura's Green Witchcraft book.. its the only book I still own from those days.. one of my buddies wives cleaned out all my 'real magic' books aside from this book, as she already had it. Price i pay i guess for offering up all my books to anyone i know to read. I really liked scott's animial talk or spirits one.
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