Know anything about Europe and the World in 1947?

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So my campaign is about a cirkus of secret superheroes in 1947.
They start off in Norway and will probably be based there, because of the nazis interest in the country and their obsession with norse mythology and the occult.
But I think I might want the players to eventually venture into other countries on missions to encounter more foreign threats than summoned nazi-trolls, evil übermensch, and panzer-men.

It`s a superhero universe, so history is more or less alternative, but how was the world in 1947? What happened in different countries that year? How did people look and act like in france or spain as an example? Or even in Cairo and Tibet?

To begin with I`m mostly interested in knowing Scandinavia and the closest countries, like Russia, UK, Finland, Germany and such, but that might change.

If you have any info or interesting fact, trivia or description of a country and its culture and people in 1947, I would be really Grateful!
If you want to, you can suggest cultural superstitions or mythological threats the heroes could encounter aswell:)


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    "Missile Bombs over Scandinavia":
  • ninjazombie42
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    Thank you, that`s great!
  • twiggyleaf
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    An interesting little snippet you found there, SkidAce!


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