Help Request: The Breadth of Life

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hey there! looks like the reforge has gone through. i'm looking to start afresh with CSS for the campaign.

my game is still early so there isn't too much that i need to do. i just found that all my old code didn't work.

so, first questions, if i may.

1) how do i apply the Google fonts i picked out in ways that will be universal across the campaign?

2) how do i change the background of the main boxes (ie. Front Page, Wiki, Forum, Adventure Log, etc.) from white to an image i've uploaded?

let's start with that and see how far i can get with it. :)



  • nico144
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    i got most of the background images, but not all of the forum, and none of the calendar or dashboard. for the forum i still need the forum page header and the topic list.

    also, how do i change the text color of the usernames on the forum?


    here's what i'm working with so far:

    .campaign-public-layout #banner-container .campaign-banner-image {height: 349px;}

    /* PARCHMENT */
    .post-section, .campaign-landing-page-container, .adventure-log-post, .post-date, .post-header-container, .character-list-item, .character-quick-search, #character-details, .map-placard, .forum-page-content, .title-row

    /* TEXT BLACK */
    .post-body, .post-time, .campaign-forum-topic-name, .timeago-weekonly-reformat, .created-label, .topic-link, .post-count
    color:black !important;
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  • johnnyGM
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    Hey Nico - your campaign is looking great!

    If you're looking to change the text color of the usernames on the forum you can try

    /* Forum Usernames */
    .user-login a

    and then you can replace the 000000 with any hex code found here:

    If you have time later this week we can nail down the image stuff you're experiencing on the forum, just let me know by e-mailing me at [email protected]


  • nico144
    Posts: 7
    thanks for your compliment and offer to help! i can really use the assistance! :D

    i'll email you, thanks again!
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