How does your campaign use forums?



  • MarkGiguere
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    no, not at all. We didn't use the forums, so I had nothing to lose. I'm just curious to know if they restored everyone's forum posts.
  • Teak_Dhara
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    I use the forums for the following things:

    1. As an Adventure log. We have completely abandoned the "adventure log" because for the longest time players could not edit their comments and we can't insert images in the comments. Because I do battlemaps for each round of combat, I have to be able to insert images into the comments and the forums are the only way to do that.
    2. XP tracker
    3. Old Adventure Logs.
    4. Out of character topics

    Basically for each of my campaigns I have the following folder structure:

    --Adventure Log (Current)
    --Adventure Logs (Completed)
    --------Name of Adventure Log that is completed (this is a sub-forum)
    --------Name of Adventure Log that is completed (this is a sub-forum)
    --XP and Loot
    --------XP (this is a sub-forum)
    --------Loot (this are sub-forum)
    --House Rules
    --Out of Character Discussions

    If obsidianportal would ever allow us to insert images in the comments of the REAL adventure log I would only use forums for (1) XP tracking, (2) party loot, and (3) out of character discussions. I would prefer this because I like how the adventure log screen displays my background and banner images while the forums do not.

  • SkidAce
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    How do you change your current adventure log forum to a completed sub-forum, per your layout above?
  • twiggyleaf
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    Hi All

    Our group have been using the forums in two main methods. Much as with Leonidas300, we have been discussing certain subjects, e.g. rules debates, and any other questions arising. Players have also started their own topics using sub forums to both move along with the action of the game and to archive for later referencing. I must say, when the subforum system was first introduced, this became a godsend for me in archiving all these things, and these archives are still referenced when the subjects come up again, as they invariably do.

    The other method of use is a more direct and transitory use, much like Micah probably had in mind in that video mentioned by The_D. My last campaign used two threads for this (IC and OOC) but I am finding in my new campaign, I don't really need to make the distinction so I just use one. I call this thread "CAMPFIRE" and it is where we have the quick chats about absolutely current stuff. I always delete the contents of this thread after a game or two so that this thread stays current.

    As you can imagine, both of these are quite important to my game, so I sure am glad OP fixed this after the original REFORGE error. (I believe it was a grave misjudgement - perhaps one of the worst made during the REFORGE - however, it was quite quickly recognised as such and altered to suit better, so Hat's Off to OP for that.)

    There is a third use of the Forums which was initiated by my players but also demands the use of subforum and easy reference. Some players have created their own dedicated character threads to describe feelings, emotions, dilemmas and tales of the character in his progress throughout the game. They feel the Forums provide a better platform for this than either the adventure log or the wiki and I think I agree with them.

    For all of the above, email notification is absolutely essential and there has been intermittent functionality of this this over the past few months that has been a bit depressing. However, it seems it is all working now, so I pray to all the Gods of Midgard that it continues in this way.

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  • Leonidas300
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    I agree Twiggs - The email notification is absolutely essential and it is frustrating that it works like 1 out of 27 times. They also need to bring back sticky's and easier access to the sub-forums. I also have tons of forum posts that I can't access, they come up on the campaign search but I get the 404 error when I click the link.

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