here is an easy question or 2


  • Wolvyn
    Posts: 26
    Is there a way from the forums to view in a persons profile, when clicking on their name in a post, what campaigns they are running?

    I like reading about others adventures, specially in systems i do not yet have any experance in.. but half the ones ive looked at in campaign list on the main page havnt been updated in a bit.

    so the next question is this. Is there a way to see what campaigns have been updated in the past week, or couple weeks or month?

  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    The forums are technically independent of the wiki site, but apparently if you click on my name here in the forums, you'll find my bio and a link to my OP profile. From there you'd see what I'm nominally running or "playing" (once again repeating the caveat that The Vale is not really *my* campaign, and the other two are more an archive of world notes rather than actual games).

    Yet another edit to add: I clicked on your campaign, and from there on your name. You have not completed a bio over on ObsidianPortal. You may want to do that, for the reason above.

    Don't know about the second question, though apparently once you find a campaign you'd like to follow, you can do RSS feeds. (Please don't ask me how - I just know they exist, and have never used them.)
  • redstar
    Posts: 119
    Yeah, I just put a link to my OP profile in my Forum profile. Let the linkage flow.
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    I did taht awhile ago... not sure how much traction it gets though.
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    Heh. Looking at my own profile, now I remember. Back when I first set up an account with ObsidianPortal, I was being very wary of putting out too much personal information, so when it said "Website", I decided to be a smartass and make a circular reference rather than pointing people to my LJ or personal pages.

    Of course, then I went and grabbed an actual photograph of myself to use as my avatar. I aer genyus. =P
  • Wolvyn
    Posts: 26
    How do i edit my profile.. I cant seem to find an edit option when i click on my name.

    Sorry if this is covered anywhere else. I just cant see it.

    Thanks for the answers. very helpfull.
  • Frenchy2k1
    Posts: 4
    the profile you edit is the one on obsidian portal's main website.
    The info are the bio and the link is the one placed as your website.
  • Wolvyn
    Posts: 26
    yup i figured that out and forgot to respond here that i did so, Thanks :)
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