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I was given a link to a page that said to post here to get my campaigns fixed.

I had used CSS, and had no clue how I got it to work. I got gold text and a white pad with unusual backgrounds on some of them. One of the backgrounds is ok.

One of the campaigns has had over 70 players, while another has 3. So they range in size, and it sucks to have them messed up. I have been an ascendant member since 2011. There was no communication that this change was coming. I did not get an email or anything. Support said there was some kickstarter that was being updated everyday as if I scour kickstarter for changes to sites I use.


  • xxxRocketxxx
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    yellow text, white pad, wrong background, broken buttons:

    yellow text, white pad, wrong background:

    yellow text, white pad
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  • ChainsawXIV
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    I should be able to help get things sorted out for you. If you'd like me to just fix things directly, drop me some campaign invites and once I'm in promote me to co-GM so I can make the edits (that's the easy and recommended way). If you'd prefer to make the chances yourself, I'm happy to walk you through them as well.
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