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The Search by Tags for characters need to include PC. I liked the old version where the PCs were separated from the NPCs, but things change. I can deal with all of the characters being combined, but I'd like to be able to search for all of the PCs. I tried to enter "PC" in the Tag field, but it won't save. So, I'm either doing something wrong to get the tag to save on a PC or we need to have PC added to the Search by Tags.



  • SkidAce
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    Type PC

    then before doing anything else type a comma i.e. ,

    as soon as you hit the comma your tag is set.
  • Ruhar
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    Thanks. I saw the instruction below the field, but it wasn't clear to me. Either it's late and I didn't get it or it needs to be a little clearer.
  • NilsLindeberg
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    I don't understand how tags on characters are supposed to work.
    I can't save a character with tags and I have tested just about every darn format, with or without commas, with or without "", with spaces, leading commas, commas after, etc. No matter what I do nothing gets saved. And when I click the search by tags button nothing happens. How is it supposed to work. Is there a list somewhere where you add possible tags and then you choose from those later on, or what? So very not intuitive.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Langy
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    You add tags to characters by typing them in with commas after every tag. Make sure you're adding them to the character tag box. Then make sure you save your character.

    Unfortunately, at the moment pages are losing tags after being edited. This is a bug that'll have to be fixed.
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