Reforged: basic site functions (reading and editing pages) are now far more difficult!

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I am a backer of the reforging and was very excited to see the new site today - now I am just crestfallen at a few major, major bad decisions. There are certainly some very cool things, but they are hidden behind an interface that is overly slick and/or unintuitive. The three biggest problems right off the bat:

1) Who in the world thinks it's a good idea to have to edit page code and data fields with white text on medium grey?!?!?! Did you actually spend much time editing page code via the tools on your own site? Please be advised: different monitors have different tolerances for color/tone contrast. Holy crap, it's like 1000% harder to edit pages now!!! The code is incredibly hard to view, which is extremely irritating because there is no functional value, other than to "look cool." Flat out, unless this changes, you just lost my business. There is *no way* I'm going to strain my eyes to update my campaign.

2) The page resizing is a real double-edged sword... on one hand, some of the elements shrink down very nicely to smaller screens. On the other hand, I have a 2 page monitor, and rather than getting more info on many of the pages, I seem to just get gigantic scaled up versions of page elements. Literally, almost *half* of every page is the damn banner and dragon logo and the grey menu bar on the top, no matter what size I make the page! My campaign banner is being blown up about 30% bigger than I uploaded it, so that it is both very blurry and *waaaay* too big on the page. I can't believe that with a 2 page monitor I have to scroll down on virtually every page to see the contents. With a 2 page monitor I am tempted to use the keyword feature to find characters that are off the bottom of screen... and my game only has about 10 characters!

3) The campaign sidebars now have no background - this lets you see more of the background image, but makes the text in the sidebars really hard to read. I suppose there may be hooks in the HTML for using CSS there, but I really didn't want to have to dig that out just to read the sidebar text!

Guys, you made the interface way slicker, and far less useful. The core things I do on OP is to view pages, and edit page code. Both have been made exponentially more difficult. God, please tell me you have a fix in mind, or I just paid to have you guys take a pretty decent campaign management site and flush it down the toilet - I'd never sign up for this as it is.

You know what? The old site wasn't that bad - you got totally carried away with site 'slickness', and lost sight of basic functionality and usability. I don't *care* if the site looks like the control screens on the USS Enterprise: I want it to have features that are useful in running my game, and are easy to navigate (jury is still out on that for me). Jeez.

Hope to hear about some changes in the near future - I'm sure not going to put up with this for long.


  • dr_venture
    Posts: 32
    Jeez, who did your UI? text fields, titles, and buttons are all simply represented by (often low contrast) rectangles, with little consistency... I have no idea what is a button to click or a field to edit. Making the interface intuitive is UI 101. Now everything is work to figure out its function.
  • Leonidas300
    Posts: 275
    Dr_ Veture - Your whole statement is gospel fraking truth!
  • JayJay
    Posts: 10
    Another one I noticed is when using preview, the text seems to remain the White of the Edit Box, not the Black of the finished edit, resulting in White text on a White background (when viewing it as a "Preview").

    also, is there a way to increase the width of the middle column? I have a 22" monitor, and at the moment my various campaign pages seem to be about 1/3 of the width of the screen with a LOT of blank space around it (normally background image). And despite all that space, on the character I recently edited (to test the new functionality) still word wraps/squeezes into that middle 1/3.

    I'm not a CSS/HTML capable user, as I suspect a lot of other people on the site aren't. Even the "option" to minimise the left column to just the icons, doesn't seem to increase the size of the usable space by a worthwhile degree. When it said it would increase the space available, I must have misunderstood.
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