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In my campaign I had my players invent characters related to theirs and send them to me by email.

Now I want to add these characters to Obsidian Portal, but in such a way that only 1 (or 2 in a few cases) players can see the character. So it's not just a player secret, the whole page/character can only be visible to one player. Other players should not be able to see the name.

Is this possible? If not, any proposed workarounds?


  • NinjaFlashX
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    If you are an Ascendant member, you can create the PC and put all of the relevant info under the Player Secrets section. Everyone will still be able to see the PC, but only you and the Player with the secret will see the actual info.

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  • GMminions
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    But that's the issue, there are some names I just don't want to reveal yet to everyone.

    Perhaps the best approach then is to have the player make his own character and the secret characters will be added in a player secret with that player.
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