Advice wanted on play-by-post games on Obsidian Portal

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Hey there everyone, just wanted to hit up the community for a little advice.

I started out playing play-by-post RPGs on another site (long before OP even existed). But as an Ascendant member I have a forum for each of my campaigns and now that I have to constantly make money for trivial things such as car insurance and food I find the second game I had planned on starting up has fallen by the wayside.

So I was wondering, has anyone done play-by-post on OP? If so, what advice do you have for someone looking to start up a play-by-post game? Is there even anyone interested in play-by-post on OP?


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    Lots of play by post games- here is the link to the compendium, courtesy of the awesome Kenurion "here":

    Just trying to help out.

  • kenurion
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    Three suggestions for starting up a PbP game:

    # Round up your old table-top group. This is how I started my game "Saga of Jaraah": Our group played in college, but then scattered after graduation and all basically stopped gaming for about 10 years. Having a core group to kick things off was definitely a help. That made it easy for new prospective players to really see what we were doing. In fact, only one of those initial players is still in my campaign.
    # Join an existing PbP game and then poach players. A bunch of my players started running their own games. I joined some of them. The good thing about PbP is it's a much lighter load for players than table-top, so players can play in multiple games.
    # DMs also post on these OP forums to attract players. I've definitely seen games fill up that way.

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    Well done, kenurion....

    .....for both your list and advice!

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