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  • bluea
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    I think I broke maps for myself. Or, at least, for maps named "Hills of Kron" exactly.

    I'm on Mac OS X 10.4.10, running Safari 3.0.3.

    First, I uploaded a map whose size was egregious. (Sorry.) I was thinking about the whole zoom thing, and didn't pay attention to my file size. That didn't get me a warning, it got me messages direct from Apache. (Can't handle POST event)

    So, I realized my problem, and scaled things down to about 600k. But... I still named the desired map 'Hills of Kron'. I received a nicely formatted error that was in keeping with the style of the website. Ok, I'll go for smaller. Wait, here's a post saying it is all sized down to 1024x1024 internally anyway. Excellent, I'll use that.

    So, third attempt. 200k file. I still get an error, a different error, this one recommending filing a bug report. So... here we are :D

    I _think_ the third error was because one of the previous attempts has successfully uploaded a file - or at least started to. So the name can't be used.

    Regardless, I fired up Firefox and got the exact same map uploaded - under a new name. So I'm not sure what exactly fixed things, and since there's a 1 map limit, I can't check by uploading another map. Wait. So I hit the 'destroy' button and got another Internal server error.

  • Micah
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    Thanks for the report. I think it has something to do with our storage server, S3. I've been trying to track this problem down, but it never happens for me (in firefox).

    The delete one is new, though. I'll look into that today.
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