Reforger badge on OP?

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Just curious - when will we see the Reforger badge on our OP profiles? Once the new site goes up? Curious is all. :)


  • GamingMegaverse
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    Most likely.

    Just trying to help out.

  • Leonidas300
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    Hi-jacking this thread a bit but I'd also like to see a "Co-DM" Badge - it would be a nice to recognize those campaign members who step up and do more for their game.

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  • Baalshamon
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    hell yeah, I agree with Leo on this one.
  • NinjaFlashX
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    I third Leo's idea of a Co-GM badge. As the co-gm for Heroes Unchained and a player, I do the majority of the site layout. Still wish the Co-GM could edit CSS..... :-(

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  • Langy
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    Totally agree, Ninja - it'd be super sweet if I could directly edit the layout of Edgerunners:/ Ah well. I'm hoping the reforging process will expand Co-GM functionality at least a bit, like marking co-GMs in some fashion on the campaign page, or allowing us to edit campaign settings, etc.
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  • Baalshamon
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    You know it would be nice if we could pick and choose the tabs that exist. For example, I dont want the character or item tab for my current campaign. It would be nice if the GM had the option to simply click them away without having to write a ton of code to reformat the page.
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