And end to Star Trek Late Night

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After 50 episodes, "Star Trek Late Night": has reached its conclusion. For those that followed us and commented upon our journey, thank-you. Perhaps in a few years we might return to STLN but for now the campaign is complete.

We will be starting a new campaign "Drifters": but it will be much smaller in scale, so far as OP is concerned.
Drifters is being played using BTRC's EABA system and will follow a group of gamers through an alien invasion and the discover of interdimensional travel. Who knows when or where it shall take us.


  • GamingMegaverse
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    I just hope you continue to do adventure logs, and I hope that the craziness continues in a different game- STLN has been so immensely entertaining!!
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    Just trying to help out.

  • twiggyleaf
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    I have personally had great levels of enjoyment reading parts of Star Trek Late Nights. Right from the beginning I loved the whole concept and I'm sure you and your players had a whole heap of fun. Good luck with the new Drifters campaign. I'm sure the "smaller scale" will not diminish any pleasure had by those playing.

    P.S: Also enjoying your stuff on NTS - you should put the odd link on these forums when you feel there is something that might interest us.

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  • kettle
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    I enjoyed Star Trek Late nights. Thank you for the hard work you put into the game. It has been a pleasure following this campaign. I hope your next game goes well for you.


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  • Baalshamon
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    thanks for the kind words guys, I am sure you will find the new adventures more insane and entertaining that STLN as we are playing exaggerated versions of ourselves as the characters. Losing my wife in the opening night and nearly losing my dog was rough. Not knowing where my kids or grandkids are as war erupts around us, is taking its toll. All of us have kids and family we want to save but the opening alien invasion stripped most of us of hope. No that we all have PTSD and are trying to survive, I fear the inter-party fighting. This new system is deadly to say the least.
  • wolfhound
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    There was so much I loved about this game. Just be aware from time to time, various elements of this campaign would pop up around the Dresden Dallas table in comments and discussions. Your campaign had a far reaching effect. :)

    Best of luck in the game that comes next! I'll be watching and reading.
  • JaymesBolton
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    Sad day, sad day indeed.


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  • Keryth987
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    Sorry to see this one end. One of the first campaigns I followed on OP.

    But, as they say, All Good Things Must Come To An End.

    Looking forward to what comes next

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  • Baalshamon
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    It was time, scheduling of games was getting difficult and when we tried to get new players to keep it going we didn't have enough interest. So onto something new and fun. You guys will love the new storyline but dont expect all of the detail that we put into stln. I dont have the time to pull that off again.
  • arsheesh
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    Another campaign drifts into legend... Well I wish you all the best in your new campaign.

  • Leonidas300
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    Saddened to hear this Stephen - personally STLN was in my top 3 favorite campaigns. As a man who's own flagship campaign is coming to an end, I understand the excitment a new and smaller scale campaign can bring.

    Best wishes on the new adventure,

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  • Baalshamon
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    The final post is finally up. Follow us on "Drifters": if you want to keep up with our newest insanity.
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