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so yeah, title says all, I want to run a campaign in the ORE Reign system on a Play-by-live-chat basis. I am the DM and am looking for players for my fantasy campaign ( Ahmm, heavy fantasy, lots of freedom and fighting and similar. I got most of the backstory fleshed out and am just working on the details as i am writing here (part Girallion). Send me PM or comment here if interested. THANKS.

Oh yeah, details like when to run and with which program will be solved with the party.


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    Welcome to the portal. I suggest you try "Looking For Players": . This has links to a number of suggestions, including pen and paper games. I have found players for my game at pen and paper myself. Here is a link to the "Coalitions of Kalista":
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "Duskreign's First Ever COTM":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":

    Just trying to help out.

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    Hi and welcome, AdrianAcrobat!

    "Shimring - The Faces of Divinity":
    (a multiplanar 3.5 D&D campaign)
    "Campaign of the Month - August 2012":

    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

    CotM May 2016: Mysteria: set in Wolfgang Baur’s MIDGARD.

    Previous CotM Aug 2012: Shimring: High Level Multiplanar Campaign

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