Pathfinder - level 1-20 epic campaign (play-by-post) forming now

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Hi everyone,
I am 41 and a father with 3 kids. I used to DM in highschool and college. Played during law school (but did not DM). Had kids and missed gaming for 10 years (although I did play WoW, EQ LOTRO, and SWG). I’m back to paper and pen via play-by-post (pBp)(as it is impossible to find a local group and my wife would throw a fit that I was out of the house, again) — and looking for similarly type players. •I am working on the following type of campaign using the Pathfinder ruleset.
•Ideal party size 4-6
•Looking for one-year committment.
•Set in PathFinder’s Inner Sea Campaign Setting
•Will include parts of existing Pathfinder adventure paths (such as kingmaker) and original content
•Epic story taking characters from level 1 to 20
•20 point build, racial traits ok, any race fine, any skill fine, any class fine (except no gunslingers)— anything 3.5 or PF ok.
•No magic items to start with as you build character.
•Any standard equipment can be added for free at level 1.
•Characters start with 150 gold.
•Characters that plan on going prestige classes need to talk with GM first
•Ultimate Combat ok (but no armor/dr or wounds and vigor)
•Utlimate Magic ok
•No evil characters, chaotic good and neutral ok, but neutral good and above prefered. Players are supposed to be the heroes
•Characters will come from humble beginnings, initially clearing small dungeons as lowly adventurers. Over time bigger and more complex stories and plots involving factions and kingdoms are introduced. Characters will continue to do dungeons but with goals and objectives tying into broader plots. Ultimately, the PCs will be involved in saving the world from impending doom.
•Adventures will be dungeons, towns, caves, tombs, outdoors, wilderness, castles, forts, ocean and underwater (not likely to have planes).
•Magic and magic items are rare and awe-inspiring.
•Fantasy story telling and plot will be similar to Terry Goodkind writings in The Sword of Truth Series.
•Enemies will not always be monsters, and monsters will not always be enemies.
•Emphasis on roleplaying and story telling
•Dialogue and problem solving heavily rewarded.
•Oh, there will be combat!
•Mature players sought—ideal those who like to roleplay
•Players should use this dice roller and post links of their rolls in the adventure log.
•While the campaign is serious in nature, humor plays a part and intelligent humor desired and welcomed (like the PAX 2011 Celebrity games on youtube).
•I would prefer that players use Herolab to create and update their characters.
Herolab house rules—no guns, bonus 0-level ability, free upbringing feat, don’t require memorized spells, favored class NOT required, no coin weight and no encumbrance, use traits and flaws, max HPs at each level,

Who is the GM?:
•41 and married, three kids (trying to get my oldest into paper and pencil Traveller)
•Attorney (but NOT a rules lawyer— I like roleplaying to take lead over any rule)
•First pen and paper experience 1980 (D&D Basic)
•Second pen and paper experience 1981 (Deluxe Traveller)
•From 1980 through 1998 – DMed and player AD&D and Traveller)
•1998 through 2012 – pen and paper groups died and everyone moved to Online MMOs— so I did as well (Everquest, UltimaOnline, Starwars Galaxy (Pre-CU), WoW, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online, Rift, D&D Online, Star Wars: Old Republic)
•January 2012 through April 2012 got the itch to go back to pen and paper but could not find a local group playing anything within driving distance of my town.
•April 2012 stumbled across and joined two campaigns as a player. The Love for interaction and imagination of roleplaying outside of a videogame returned!
•I currently play in two campaigns (a Pathfinder and Traveller) on
•In May 2012 I started FreeTrader: Maverick campaign that is an open-ended, player directed, PbP Traveller Campaign
•June 2012 started planning “The Approaching Storm: The Beginning”, an epic story, long-term PbP Pathfinder Campaign.
If you have an interest in this type of campaign, please let me know.


  • Thewanderer78
    Posts: 1
    I would love to join. Has this game begun yet?
  • Akinra
    Posts: 1
    Oddly I am also an attorney, have my JD, waiting on bar results.
    Also 40 ish. Haven't played much in the last 10 years, used to play quite a bit. Have all the pathfinder stuff, just didn't have time in undergrad/lawschool.
  • Kallak
    Posts: 1,090
    You lawyers and your pathfinder...
    All the best,
    - Kallak
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