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  • zero
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    I'm anal retentive, and so I do the fine-tuning for formatting of player character profiles for my campaigns. Started a new campaign, and we're having some issues with the code. Whenever I save my changes, the next time I open the profile for editing, everything is the same (as it should be). But whenever one of my players opens their profile and saves it, the formatting changes completely, so that when either one of us opens it again afterwards there is a bunch of HTML code that neither of us put there.

  • bevinflannery
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    Just speculating here -- have everyone check their own profile settings (i.e., click on their account name and choose to edit their own self-description) to see if anyone has checked the box for "use WYSIWIG editor." I think when that option was first added, I tried it out and found that after editing and saving posts, when going back to edit again there was lots of html coding. I decided I actually preferred using the Textile instead, and unchecked the box.
  • Micah
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    Yes, it's almost certainly an issue where one of your players has "use WYSIWYG editor" turned on. It can be changed from the edit profile screen.

    We'd like to move away from the wysiwyg editor and move toward a MediaWiki (ie. Wikipedia) style model where there is a plain-text text area with some quick-help buttons at the top.
  • zero
    Posts: 13
    Thank you. I'll let them know.
  • Lukego
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    I have a somewhat related issue.

    I am using the WYSIWYG editor on Safari 3.1.2 to edit my character, partly because I prefer to write in HTML and partly because the textile formatting did not seem to work for me. So I suppose that's issue #1.

    Secondly, when attempting to do some intermediate-level HTML table formatting, everything shows up perfectly in the editor on the edit page; but when I save the character, the public character profile page does not display the tables correctly.
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