Linking to the wiki from NPC and PC Bio's?


  • wyrmul
    Posts: 36
    Is there a way to link back to the Party wiki from the Npc descriptions? I know I can put in slugs in the wiki or the Npc description that refers to another Npc. But in the Npc bio I would like to link back to pages of background information in the wiki, specifically events and setting backstory. Is that possible without using the full address of the wiki article in the bio?
  • Pok
    Posts: 8
    As far as I know, there is not a way to link back to your wiki from a character page- I think this is because characters are stored outside of your wiki, i.e. two wikis can link to one character, but that character won't know which wiki to link back to. Does that make sense?

    I've been putting all my NPCs as wiki pages, for that reason alone.
  • IceBob
    Posts: 98
    You can link back to wiki pages, but as a link to an external site, using the "": format.
  • greymalkin66
    Posts: 1
    I can't manage to get a link back to the wiki from a character page to work. Can you provide a full context example?

    EDIT: Ok, I found the Textile "": reference, but still can't get it to work. Is "Google": not correct?

    2nd EDIT: Wonderful, it works just fine _here_

    *3rd* EDIT: Fantastic! I found the tools to do it in the toolbar at the top of the edit box. I feel like a nub.
  • DMaple
    Posts: 63
    Minor NPCs are wiki pages for me due to this linking problem. The only way to link NPC pages is with the log winded url reference. But it's nice to have the NPC pages displaying there portraits so I've still been using it for the main NPCs.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Glad you got things figured out!
  • TheShaggyDM
    Posts: 5
    Is there any chance of getting things set up so we can link to wiki pages from character pages, or is it impossible due to the structure of the underlying data storage, as suggested? I am very much liking the site, but having to use the long-winded URLs is a pain, although seeing the "": noted here will help, I've been using the longer-winded HTML a href tags.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    For now, anchor tags are the way to go. The characters are (unfortunately) separate from the wikis due to some initial design decisions. At some point, I hope to collapse everything together to fix this, but it won't be for a while. So, until then, you're stuck with old fashioned HTML.
  • redstar
    Posts: 119
    So wait, do html anchor tags work now?
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    "a href" tags to different pages have always worked as long as I've cared - for the longest time I used them to help people navigate my session notes (since there's almost two stories going at once).

    "a name" tags and "a href" links to those "a name" tags", to my knowledge, do not work.
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