User list?


  • Randolpho
    Posts: 27
    Perhaps I'm just not finding it, but is there any way to view a list of users and/or search for users of Obsidian Portal?
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    No, not yet. Can you make a post on the feature request forum explaining what you'd like in such a feature? For example, what would you search by, what is the goal in finding other people, etc. We'll see if we can get other people to comment on what they would like.

    On a related note, we're getting ready to add a messaging system, so being able to find people to message would be nice :)
  • jayhova
    Posts: 2
    it would be nice to have a function where I can search for friends already on OP via any number of the social websites or use a contact list such as Google contacts, yahoo, etc. Basically all the same things that Facebook does to find people.
  • Duskreign
    Posts: 1,085
    I think that more Facebook-like features in general would be terrific. I don't think their servers could handle most of that, though.

    I was going to suggest an Obsidian Portal microtransaction scheme where you see Ascendant features a la carte, and that could be such a feature. As a DM, I would totally be down with that idea.
  • jayhova
    Posts: 2
    I was thinking more along the lines of a user search. It's quite difficult to find users on OP. There are existing APIs that allow you to search for friends via existing contacts. Most of the current social sites use this method now. It should not be a huge hit on the servers as the searches are fairly small and servers are generally optimized SQL type queries. Also the search only occurs when the user asks for it which would not be often. This type of search already happens when you type and email address in to invited players. The system determines if that address is already associated with an OP account. The feature I would like to see would just allow you que a series of addresses and return the address that were already on the system as a list of users.

    Oh yeah, It would be nice to be able to browse users based on location.
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