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I have always been a fan of the cyberpunk genre and I have noticed that every player of this genre has his own personal cybernetics, biomods, gear outline the seem to follow for every character. Old standbys you might say. I would love to hear about your old standby for each of those catagories in either cyberpunk or shadowrun or whatever cybergame you may play.

I am going to use the packages you put up to create NPC's that work for a mega corp or are members of a wealthy gang.

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  • JimTriche
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    I'd have to do estimates, I actually seem to be an exception to that rule.

    I'd have to say for starting characters, I tend to do something along the lines of a smartlink a little over half the time.
    About 90% of my characters end up with some sort of cyberlimb due to combat damage or some such if they have the money for it. Arms and legs common, though one time my eyes were forcibly stolen and cyber replacement was an option there as well. I kinda make everyman type of people and play them into a situation.
  • arsheesh
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    Jim! Just when I think we'd seen the last of you you pop up again in the forums. Great to see you around again man, you have been missed.

  • Tanarus
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    I like using:
    * Neuralware processer
    ** Kerenzikov Boosterware +2
    ** Smartlink/Weaponlink
    ** Chipware Socket (keep an array of skill chips on hand... You never know when you might need to know how to pilot a helicopter)
    ** Pain Editor
    ** Cyber Audio
    *** Sound Editor
    ** Cyber optic
    *** Times Square Marquee
    *** Targetting
    *** Anti-Dazzle
    *** Infrared
    * Skinweave SP 12

    h4. Or

    Genetic Augmentation (See Eurosource Plus)

    * DNA Mapping
    ** Enhanced Reflexes
    ** Enhanced Body
    ** Tough Skin SP6
    ** SPF 50 (why wear tacky creams if your skin is naturally resilient to the Sun's rays?)

    I don't have the books on hand at the moment, I'm at work, or this might be a bit more in depth.
  • dlaporte7271
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    Wow...been a long time since shadowrun days...I don't remember any of the game mechanic specifics...but my fav character was a troll who rode a big motorcycle. He used a pair of aluminum baseball bats as weapons and he kept a bag of baseballs around. His fav ranged attack was to hit baseballs at people. He was heavily armored to resist weaponfire so he could close for melee.
  • twiggyleaf
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    That troll sounds more deadly than Kenny Powers!

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  • Beaumains
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    Never got too much time with traditional cyberpunk (and by that I mean none), except insofar as the d20 SW system had cybernetics materials. I don't have the specifics handy, but there were a couple different ways that could play out (I suppose there always are).

    For combat types, mech replacements for limbs were typically the way to go, getting built-in weaponry if possible. With enough wealth amassed, you could probably even get an integrated exoskeleton, or something along those lines. Gear to enhance the senses always seems a must, whether directly replacing organs or just interfacing in some other way.

    The other interesting type was the hacker/slicer/infiltrator. This guy had (if possible) a cyber-enhanced brain with direct computer interfaces. Gadgets in the arms also seemed required (e.g. code breakers, security decrypters, comm devices, things of that nature). Of course, everybody's got to have a hold out pistol.

    I guess what it really comes down to is using cyber gear to enhance one or more attributes of a character, whether that be perception/awareness based, intelligence/knowledge, toughness/constitution, strength/power/damage, or quickness/agility/speed/dexterity.

    From these combinations you get things like:
    * the super soldier
    * the crackshot pilot
    * the security/code whiz
    * the lookout
    * the ninja
    * the mastermind/chessmaster/puppeteer

    Fun tools would always include things like:
    * radar/HUD
    * vice-grip arm/hand
    * wheels/treads/aerial propulsion?
    * arm or frame mounted weapons
    * Matrix style computer interface
    * X-ray/thermal/bio/IR vision
    * micro grip enhancers
    * reinforced load bearing legs & the raw hardware they support
    * remote access devices
    * ion/electro/anti-electronic weapons (just to stay on top).

    I wish I could give more specifics, but it's been a really long time. I hope these at least can get some ideas ticking for you or others more familiar with the system.

    Hope this helps!
  • Dranis230
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    so before I add input are you talking about cyberpunk and its subgenres (i.e. steampunk, biopunk, I dunno pastrypunk I guess?) or just core cyberpunk stuff?
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