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  • IceBob
    Posts: 98
    I realize that you guys have a lot on your plates getting the site running well and constantly throwing in little improvements, so I understand that changing the featured campaign isn't a priority. All the same, I think there are some other fantastic campaigns on here that deserve the attention that "A Deadly Affair":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/deadlyaffair has been getting.

    Still, I must say it is nice to have my stuff right out there when someone stops by the site for the first time ;)
  • DarthKrzysztof
    Posts: 132
    I'd like to see a Featured NPC, as well, if one could somehow be crammed into the layout.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    For a while, we had photoneater finding our featured content for us, but he's been very busy lately. I'll see if I can goose him back into business.

    Our other idea was to hold monthly contests and give out prizes for the top campaign and top character. We'd really like to get on this, but as you said, lots on the plate.

    I'll talk to Ryan and see if we can't figure out a way to get this moving again.

    Thanks for bringing it back to the forefront.
  • IceBob
    Posts: 98
    No problem. My group and I love the attention, but I'm sure another group would also.

    I like the _idea_ of a prize, but for me the front page position has been reward enough.
  • MythicParty
    Posts: 78
    Perhaps AvatarArt credit for custom pieces? Never hurts to have more prizes.
  • IceBob
    Posts: 98
    Being generally too busy to put in the time it would take to make a group portrait (I am an artist, though you wouldn't know it by how I make a living), that sounds like an attractive prize.

    (Additionally, two of the players have changed characters, thus forcing me to choose the era if I want to make a portrait)
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