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  • bevinflannery
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    I thought I should drop by and introduce myself -- I came here via Micah's and others comments on Shamus's Campaign Logs post on twentysidedtale. I got into table-top RPGs via my husband about 11 years ago; he has been playing since junior high, and when we moved into together I sort of "inherited" his long-time weekly gaming group.

    Sometime last year, he and the other regular DM/storyteller for our 7-member group indicated that they'd really appreciate it if the rest of us would think about running something, so the two of them would have more opportunities to play as part of the PC group. So I made a deal with one of the other members -- if he would run something, I would go immediately after him. We've each done two runs so far; I've kept an on-going running summary of events in Word, so I could keep straight what happened when, the names of NPCs, etc. My husband suggested we set up a log on-line somewhere so that all the players could have quick and easy access. Last week, we actually started something at blogspot, when I saw the comments on twentysidedtale.

    We love the interface and the Wiki, and over the past week we've been working to put up the info from the starting campaign handout, as well as the the weekly summaries from my first run (Weeks 1 - 9).

    As a first-time DM, I welcome any thoughts, suggestions, comments (and humbly ask that you be gentle in pointing out my gaping plot holes -- but please, do point them out!). The campaign is The Weight of Rubies, and if I knew how to put a direct link into it, I would.
  • Charsen
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    Welcome to OP! I haven't heard of twentysidedtale... I should probably check that out. ;) You can do a direct link by copying the URL of your game and then typing:

    bq. "The Weight of Rubies" :

    without the spaces around the colon. :)

    Good luck and I look forward to reading about your game!
  • bevinflannery
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    Thanks for the tip -- then that would mean it is here:

    "The Weight of Rubies":
  • Micah
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    Yes, welcome to OP!

    A quick note about gaping plot holes: They're often only gaping to you! I've had some doosies in my day, but they players never seem to notice. Then, if they do, I just throw in a new villain and they're instantly distracted. It's like waving something shiny in front of a little kid.

    A little DM experience makes every player better, so I'm glad to hear that your group is passing the mantle around.

    Anyways, welcome and thanks for putting up great stuff!
  • DMaple
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    If you´ve not seen twenty sided tale before you are best starting with the DM of the Rings comics.
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