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I am having some troubles with the Create character method, it keeps telling me that the author must be specified/it is not a player on the campaign.

The API section of the documentation doesn't state that the author must be specified in the request, anyway I have tried including the author node too without look.

The author I am specifying its my user, which is the owner of the campign and DM.

This is how my request body looks like and the error I am getting:

"tagline":"Test TagLine"}

{"errors":[{"code":4010,"message":"Author is not a member of that campaign"},{"code":4010,"message":"Author can't be blank"}],"http_status":400}

Maybe the Author must be placed in the envelope, along the character node?

I am not having troubles with the create Wiki method, so I am sure the authentication and request URL its fine.

Thanks in advance!


  • Ragnarol
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    Can anyone bring some light on this? I will keep trying to do some proff and error... but a some help will be appreciated :)
  • Ragnarol
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    Thanks to Steve (shammond42) I finally got this working. I was missing the "author_id" parameter on the request.

    I would add this to te Character API documentation ;)
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