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  • Mixplit
    Posts: 2
    Right now a character must be set either private (Only the poster can view) or public (everyone can view). I would like to request a third option. I have a player who is deeply uncomfortable with having her character viewable by everyone. But would like her GM & party members to be able to see it.
    I would like simply another checkbox beside make public, that instead makes viewable by other members of your campaign only.

    I honestly don't know how easy or difficult this would be to implement but it would be a great comfort to her & a load off my mind if it could be done.
  • Lironah
    Posts: 5
    I agree. Having a group only button would be helpful.
  • DMaple
    Posts: 63
    Can I ask why? I personally would be more bothered about the player across the table knowing certain details of my characters, than a complete stranger. One could act on OOC knowledge IC, the other couldn't do anything with that information.
  • mcoorlim
    Posts: 39
    I tend to personally agree with DMaple, but some people just aren't comfortable with sharing their creative efforts with other people.

    Some people are even afraid of having their ideas 'stolen'. It'd probably be far easier just to avoid putting any info related to it on the site to begin with.
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