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Greetings, I am John. I have several years of running games in person and online. I have GMed many different gaming system. I have been trying to find players for a DnD 4e custom campaign online using the Battlegrounds virtual tabletop. The players would not need to buy a license as I would have the floating license available and the demo is all that is needed by players. Unfortunately, finding players online has been very difficult for me. If anyone can offer any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Obsidian Portal would be used as a communication point between games with skype or other Voip program during games. I am providing a link to my planned campaign, if I get any interested players.

Again, I appreciate any suggestions of communicating an available game for players.


  • HurstGM
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    Hey welcome to op. to make it easier i added a link to your game. You also might look in the classifieds section and on pen and paper for players as well.

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  • DarkMagus
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    Greetings John and welcome to the forums! Good luck finding players, I bet a few will pop up, they usually do.
  • Baalshamon
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    welcome to the forums and good luck. Like HurstGM said, Pen and paper games is a great resource.

    Good luck with it all

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  • GamingMegaverse
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    Please try this "How to Find Players":
    I have had personal success with Pen and Paper and the boards of my gaming system.
    Good Luck!
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    Just trying to help out.

  • bevinflannery
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    The Hangouts function of Google+ might be something you'd like to look at. Zak S. of "Playing D&D With Pornstars": (yes, you'll have to confirm you are an adult) has an every-Wednesday post for what he calls "Constantcon" where people can post in the comments that they're going to run an on-line game and soliciting people to contact them to join the session. This week's post is "here.": I've not done it, but some of the feedback from folks participating has been phenomenal.

    I've got a ton of Google+ invites for people who need them -- just message me what email address to use for you and I'll shoot you one.
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