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I've have been gaming for a a whiled now. 1999 - 2007 while i was in the Military. Take a few year off while i readjust to being out now. I'm looking into getting back into gaming. I've played almost every system out there and just would like to find some RP games that are more about the story then the normal look at what I can do types. I would love to find some in my area or online that can help me set things up and get started again. I have a lot of my old Characters and Love making new ones just for fun for different things.
I'm no GM but I do normal help out my old GM's with setting things up or coming up with new stuff for games. I thinks it more fun and help players when they put in there own input or Let the GM's know what on there minds about the games. As well it helps the GM find ways to keep the players want to come back for more.
Do drop me a line I'm here and around.

Sweet Dreams and Good day to yea All's


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    Welcome to the Portal!

    ~Teh Pandars
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    Welcome to the Portal Loststorm, always nice to see some new faces round the forums. Be sure to check out the sticky on "How to find a game to join" located at the top of the forums page; it will give you some avenues to pursue in looking for a new game.

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    Allow me to send you a greeting from the Great White North, hello there Loststorm and welcome to the OP! Best of luck finding games in your area too, I can guarantee the feature Arsheesh mentioned up above should be a big help in that regard.
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    Greetings Loststorm. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hi Loststorm. Welcome to OP. May your search be fruitful. I am in Glasgow, Scotland, but I'm sure there are others closer to where you live.

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