How do I find items associated with a campaign


  • Tikanni
    Posts: 9
    I know the party list shows up in the right hand column when looking at a campaign's main page, and that NPC's show up under the tab, but is there any campaign view that shows items associated with the campaign?

    The only place I seem to be able find them is under my profile, for the items I've created.

    It seems to me there should be an item list under the party on main page, or that maybe they should get a tab of their own like the NPC tab.
  • DarthKrzysztof
    Posts: 132
    The solution Jennifer & I have been using is to just make a list of items as a page in the party wiki, "thus.":
  • Figment
    Posts: 132
    I, too, have found it easier to just create a "Campaign Items": page in the party wiki. I've also created a "Campaign PCs": page, that way you don't have to be on the campaign home page to view the PC list.
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