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Now that OP has released an API, I've been thinking about turning a game I wrote into a sort of virtual gaming table. I wanted to see if there's any interest in this sort of thing.

The original game is here: but if you don't to load it up here's a screenshot: The idea behind this game was to create a networked set of cards and chips so one can play whatever card game over the network. There are no actual rules, just the ability to shuffle and deal the cards and move the chips around on the table. It's not really a game more like a virtual deck of cards...

For this, what I'm thinking is that I'll remove the cards. Turn the table from a square into a hex and put a hex map onto the surface and create pawns that show the image of your characters avatar. I'm thinking I'd also add a few other simple things like land based tiles to replace those chips and some basic features like trees, rocks, walls, doors etc that you can move around on the table (and add and remove if you're the GM). I think I could modify WhoCutTheDeck in about a month or so. Working title, "WhoMovedMyPawn" :)

Anyway, is there any interest in something like this? I'd probably just make it free like I've done with WCTD since I can't figure out how to charge money anyway :)


  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Sounds like an interesting 3D app, but I'm not sure what it has to do with the API. Are you going to be pulling data from the API to populate the game table?
  • duhprey
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    That's right. To start with I thought to pull character data. The pawns, instead of being real models (I'm no artist), would hold the avatar image (I think like heroclix). I also figured it would be useful to right click those characters and pop up either all or some info from the character page in a window.
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