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  • Randolpho
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    Well, figure I'll intro --

    I'm Randolpho, and I stumbled onto Obsidian through one of the other main RPG sites. I can't remember which, it was either ENWorld, TheRPGSite, or the Wizards' board. I've been playing and GMing off and on since the early 90s in a variety of systems. I started with AD&D 1st edition, toyed with Rollmaster (sorry, Rolemaster), moved on to AD&D2E, Star Wars d6, and pretty must chiefly play d20-oriented stuff these days. I've recently fallen in love with Star Wars Saga Edition, and am running it in a Rebellion-era alternate timeline.
  • Micah
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    Welcome Randolpho!

    You've already proven to be a quite a help here on the forums. Lots of tips and suggestions that make good sense. Keep it coming!
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