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  • gaaran
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    That's better than achievements because you actually get things. If you're looking for a brownie points sort of thing, Arsheesh create the prestige points system for rewarding characters for out of game contributions, which can be found "Here":

    I used the prestige points system in my game, and it worked very well. One of my players got up to 14 at one point, so he had some fun with that until they got into a fight with a mid-boss and they were screwed. He burned like 9 points to take 9 extra attacks and hack the boss to pieces (he was the only one left, and the mid-boss was capable of dealing enough damage to incapacitate one PC per turn :). Anyway, the prestige points system was much more fun and manageable, in the long term, than achievements.
  • RaseCidraen
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    I like Arsheesh's Prestige points - I'll have to bring it up with my group to see if they might find some use for it. The issue being that White Wolf's system already has that kind of system already built in with Willpower and all that, combined with the virtues. But I also want to encourage my players to contribute!
  • FemmeLegion
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    I definitely like the Prestige Points idea, but I intend to stay away from options like getting feats or items with said points. I'll let those sorts of things come about as more natural-feeling consequences of the actions which get them said points.

    Bonuses to rolls, re-rolls, automatic saves, though...those are precisely the sorts of things I'd love to give as rewards for good RP or helpful contributions. It'd be kind of like when I cheat in the PCs' favor, except then they get to control when it happens.
  • twiggyleaf
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    I like your idea of Milestones and Achievements. You have drawn up quite a comprehensive list and my only concern is that it is quite complicated and will create lots of extra work for you as DM. I have a Prestige Point award system similar to some of those mentioned above but it is a lot simpler than yours.

    In any case, it provides exciting differences to any game and that can only make it more exciting in anyone's book. I would watch out for being able to add too much to character requisites though - you might find that if some players work the system, your characters get too powerful too quickly.

    Thanks for the discussion and I love the layout on Melekar Chronicles!

    Mark aka twiggyleaf
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  • gaaran
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    @twiggyleaf: I'm in the process of updating so this link was kind of hidden, but "here": is how I kept track of everything TL. I printed the pages with the points and achievements so the players would have a copy to help keep track. It's true they're not for everyone, but I'm all about improvising as I DM, so I never have a problem with players getting to powerful, I just make the challenges tougher on the fly.

    @Femmelegion: that makes sense, not wanting players to gain permanent benefits. Something else that I started implementing was ad-libbed prestige point use. Sort of like action points in d20 modern or force points in star wars. If the player wanted to do something crazy that normally wouldn't be possible, but it would be really cool, i would make up a cost in prestige points (usually 1-3) and let them have a shot (either just having it work, or still having them make rolls, just have those rolls not be impossible, since they spent their points after all).

    @Rase: I think we worked out a pretty good way of doing it, being able to cash in three prestige points to regain one willpower point. Not unbalancing, and it allows recognition to be given for those that are active and contributing, while not penalizing those that, due to priorities and circumstance, are unable to contribute as much.
  • RaseCidraen
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    Huzzah! It works! I'm quite pleased as punch that it'll all work out the way we set it up. Now I sit, watching the RSS feed voraciously, waiting to pounce when the opportunity arises :)
  • Curufea
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    I have some, somewhat comedic, "metagaming badges and awards": that may be of interest :)
  • RayPrancer
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    Following on from this - I've been inspired to add Achievements to my game - though really they're just a list of milestones I expect a newly created caster or psion to achieve. Penalties of not being able to use the normal associated rules for not having them - except the second which just precludes location specfic feats from being taken (if you don't know what your region of origin is then it's not going to be one that has them when there are several that don't).

    "List here":
  • igornappovich
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    Karma points. Circa 1986. Check it out. "Wiki Explanation of Karma Points":

    These can be used pretty effectively to help control/ encourage appropriate player actions in alignment/ morality heavy campaigns. I have also used it for Paladin and Anti-Paladin PCs before, numerous times-- as an add on just for the player controlling the paladin / anti paladin. The only real modification needed to use these in a d20 system is that the GM occasionally awards the Karma points as she sees fit for player actions.

    Just the basic version of Karma points-- the advanced version doesnt really work at all in a d20 system. But its similar to what you guys are talking about, with the added dimension of having to follow an ethical code/ alignment or risk losing those Karma points.
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  • Hoebagger
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    I have Achievements for my games that cross campaigns and so on like that. I've allowed 1000 points in the main bulk and then I add on additional 250 point packs that are campaign specific (Planescape, Ravenloft, etc). When the group as a whole hits 500 points I give them the option of receiving a new pack of achievements from a list that are themed (Fail pack, Slayer Pack, and so on) so that the achievements never become stagnant.

    I allow my PC's to use their points in a type of shop that would allow them to do things not normally allowed, or other beneficial things, for example: - An additional 3.5 Trait (from Unearthed Arcana): 50 G or - Max Life at odd levels (3/5/7 etc): 200 G

    Another friend of mine who developed a set for his own began adding metagaming achievements for things like attending 3 sessions in a row, and that sort of thing. Personally I prefer in game things like Right to Bear Arms: 15 G (Without weapons or armor, wrestle and knock a bear unconscious). Really it opens the game up a lot but you have to make the rule that you won't allow players to do something that their character normally wouldn't do (such as cutting themselves into negative hp so they can get the stabilizing achievement). This minor rule to the system is rather important and forces players to be quite ingenious when devising strategies.

    One common flaw I've noticed in people making achievement systems for their games is that there is too much subjectivity or improper word usage in the description of the achievement and as a result the DM just decides "oh you didn't get it" which is contrary to the objective nature of Xbox 360 achievements. For example take this achievement |"Well that was a waste" 10 GS Fall in battle| The intent may have been for this achievement to be awarded to those who had their character die in combat, but technically being tripped should also unlock the achievement.

    As of January 1st 2011 my gamerscore was legitimately at 150,000 for 360 and I can attest to the frustration of poorly worded achievement descriptions. However it would only become infinitely worse if actually unlocking achievements was a subjective process.

    Overall I find that Achievements can be very beneficial to Pen and Paper games when done right. It's good to consult experts in the field when making achievements though because it is easy to get the system wrong.
  • LonePaladin
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    Hoebagger, take a look at my campaign's "list.": Tell me what you think. Do I have any that need clarifying? Are there any that should be dropped? Maybe something that I missed?
  • Hoebagger
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    Thank you very much for asking my advice LonePaladin, I am glad to help.

    Overall your list looks well done and is clearly well thought out. I enjoy the visible appeal to them, where did you find such an achievement generator? Also the balance seems appropriate in terms of easily obtainable to those that require a bit of work. Congratulations on a flavorful and efficient list.

    With regards to a few specific achievements:

    Wrecking Ball: You may wish to specify that this is either over a lifetime or all in one go (which would no doubt be an incredible achievement indeed).
    Flyswatter: I believe the descriptor "unfriendly" would do well to go in front of aircraft. From personal experience I have accidentally left that out before and had unfortunate (but hilarious) events ensue.
    Loaded Dice: You may wish to clarify that this is in a single roll rather than over the course of a session.
    Pwn3d: You also may wish to add "over the course of your entire career" to this description.
    Ace: I like this one, but you might want to consider specifying an enemy type so your characters don't just go out and kill small animals to boost it.
    Velcro Pineapple: This is great, but I'm curious to know whether or not this is intended to be during a combat session or not.
    You can pick your friends...: I always love achievements like this, but I've found adding "that further the goals of the group" cuts down significantly on people trying to boost it.
    This Stuff...: You may wish to add the "full" descriptor to "clips" in order to reduce boosting.
    They See Me Rollin': Beautiful, simply beautiful.

    Aside from that I would like to know if you as the GM are keeping track of your players' progress for achievements such as "Wrecking Ball" or if your players are. I've seen sessions where things get recorded or added incorrectly (accidentally of course I don't entertain liars) due to smudging or something similar.

    Thanks again, I look forward to your reply.
  • LonePaladin
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    I got the achievement generator here:

    As for the Velcro Pineapple one, it's very hard to predict just where a grenade will end up, due to the random nature of the bounce rules. This is intended for those times where someone clearly wants to put one in a specific spot, aims for a different one, and the dice wind up placing it where they wanted.

    I changed Wrecking Ball to be all in one go.

    Pwn3d was not meant to be an "over the course of your career" thing, 'cause they'd have that within the first session. It's meant to be an all-or-nothing one, because it requires getting eight hits (dice that count as successes) MORE than their opponent (f'rinstance, if their opponent got 4 hits on dodging an attack, they'd need 12 hits total). Not impossible, but not quite easy either.

    As for recordkeeping, it's going to be somewhat fast and loose. Not everyone in my game has Internet access at this time.
  • vstraydogstrutv
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    I also want to implement an achievements option for my players and have started a list that's up to 50 at the moment, without using any of the ones here -- but believe me, I will. Aside from it being D&D based (3.5e, but I'm trying to keep it broad), I will also be listing them on my "Shared Creations": campaign so anyone may use the graphics. I'm using a WoW achievement generator and the link for it can be found on the page. I would loooove feedback and suggestions not just on the achievements, but the campaign itself since I'm all about sharing...creations....#cough#.
  • GamingMegaverse
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    I simply use experience point bonuses in the manner listed "here": , however, I do use a reward system for "attendance":
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "Duskreign's First Ever COTM":

    Just trying to help out.

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