Congrats to BrandonSweet and Honor Among Thieves!

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Now I apologize if somebody else has created a thread on this topic, but I just wanted to tip my hat to fellow Ontarian BrandonSweet and his Firefly Campaign Honor Among Thieves for the honor of being 2011's FIRST FEATURED CAMPAIGN!! So cheers to you my friend and may you have great times gaming for many years to come!


  • Idless
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    A sincere congrats from me too
  • Duskreign
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    I said so in the blog comments section, but it merits repeating here. Honor Among Thieves is a splendid wiki, clearly written and easy to navigate. Firefly is one of my favorite sci-fi settings, and Brandon has done an amazing job capturing the spirit (and humor) of the setting while presenting a unique story involving dozens of fantastic characters. I cannot think of many wikis on Obsidian Portal that are deserving of higher praise. Congratulations to Brandon and his noble crew!
  • RaseCidraen
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    Congratulations to BrandonSweet! Truly, there is Honor Among Thieves!
  • Brandonsweet
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    Thanks so much for the positive feedback everyone. It's been fun seeing my campaign up on the front page this last month, that's for sure. I should tip my hat to my good friend Laurence T. Roberts who rendered my campaign banner and the player character portraits.

    And before I forget, I have to give a shout out to Idless for nominating me in the first place!

    My players were all pretty tickled at the thought of their PCs' adventures being shared with a wider audience. The OP community has certainly inspired all of us to raise our game. Thanks again!
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