Ability to hide Forum only in a Public campaign

edited December 2010 in Feature Requests
I would like to be able to check off a box in the Campaign options to make the Campaign Forum invisible to the public in a Public Campaign. While having the wiki public is awesome, the forum tends to be where my players talk about private matters and locations that we would rather not have broadcast onto the web at large. I try to encourage using the forum in OP to drive them to have a reason to login and see the new pages, etc. Having to filter what might become public hampers that - many are very security conscious and would simply stop using the forum instead. :(



  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    It should be an option - but probably not for a free account.
  • geekomancer
    Posts: 5
    Making addresses and locations private is potentially a safety issue
  • Bathlarper
    Posts: 41
    aren't forums ascended only already?
  • nerdtastic
    Posts: 1
    I second the request for a public campaign with private forums. Forums are one of the main reason I updated to Ascendant, but it's almost not worth it if we can't use them without being on guard for privacy issues.
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