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So my current game is going to be coming to a close soon. We're beginning to lose some steam for the game, and we're approaching a logical conclusion (and as far as the players are concerned, it will be the actual end), so I'm going to go out strong, instead of letting the game peter out. But that's not what this post is about. The next game that I'm going to be running is an epic level 3.5 game. I thought I'd throw out a general plot that I've put together and get some opinions and suggestions.

The characters are yet to be determined, but they will be level 21. They will probably begin in sigil, retired adventurers enjoying their new lives. There will be some sort of hook. The first portion will use the basic outline of the Death's Reach module from 4e. The players will have to go to death's reach, an ancient battlefield from the dawn war, and now the gateway that souls use to pass into the afterlife, because Orcus has found a way to enter the area, and if he is not stopped, he will gain power unimaginable. However, the real reason he is going there, is because he's being tricked by Vecna to retrieve the dormant soul of Timesus, the Black Star, a Primordial.

Unfortunately, they will get there too late to stop Vecna's archangel from taking Timesus, leaving the party to face off with Orcus. After they do so, sealing Death's Reach back up, they must find out who that other creature was. Their investigation will lead them to Osterneth, the Bronze Lich, and Vecna's mightiest mortal servant. Over the course of their research, they will find out that within her heart beats the actual Heart of Vecna, which he gave to her. They can kill her, but unfortunately they don't possess the power to destroy the heart. For that, they need the only weapon that has tasted Vecna's flesh, the Sword of Kas.

After Kas was destroyed by Vecna for his betrayal, his soul did not pass through Death's Reach, but instead was captured by Mephistopheles for reasons known only to him. However, that means that the party must head to the 8th level of hell, Cania, and make a deal with the devil. In exchange for Kas, the party will have to search through an ancient citadel in the frozen wastes, barred to all immortal beings, and bring to him the secrets within. Upon their success, Mephistopheles frees Kas from his icy prison, for the party to do what they will.

After all of this, the party finally can destroy the Heart of Vecna, giving them the ability to harm Vecna. They must travel to the plane of Pandemonium to find Vecna's secret tower and confront him, once and for all.

So there you have it, that's the story, but I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for encounters and tricks and whatever for epic level characters I would love to hear them!


  • RaseCidraen
    Posts: 890
    Gaaran, that sounds absolutely epic. I agree - it's best not to drag something on that has lost it's steam long ago - better to go out strong then to be forgotten! It's a shame to see things end, but what you have planned seems to be quite intense!

    If you need help with Planar material, please feel free to take from that which I've cobbled together - I'm glad to help out with such a epic venture! It seems like everything is well planned out in advance (Or Planed, as it were... :P )

    I think you can have much fun in Pandemonium, and very much so in Limbo, where the stuff of creation can be manipulated by those of strong will, or even in the border towns of the Outlands - The town of Xaos, for example. Or sometimes Aoxs, or whatever it feels like being that second. Being in a town that is constantly shifting, with denizens whom may not be the same from minute to minute, changing gender, race, hair color, or even the truth of their existence, seemingly at random, can be quite interesting. As far as your Planar jaunts, I invite you to dig into "here":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/planescape-campaign/wikis/Pandemonium for information on Pandemonium, and "here":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/planescape-campaign/wikis/the-outer-planes for the Outer Planes in general. I'd stopped work on them, but I'd be more than willing to pick it up again if you'd find it useful!
  • Everdark
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    Sounds effin' awesome, dude. Especially because the story of Vecna and Kas has always held a special place in my heart. I look forward to hearing much more about this campaign as it develops, good sir.
  • gaaran
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    Thanks guys, I think I'll be plundering your page for information Rase, as long as you're throwing it out there.
  • Idless
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    It sounds... well... EPIC

    Great story, great scale

    Would it be cool if an angel actually attacked them, trying to disrupt balance? I mean, what they are doing is for good, but they are making deals with devils. Could it be a twist, where the players will reluctantly fight a true symbol of Good? Will the Paladin fret? And how do they handle af 2,5 meter tall flying creature with a flaming sword, and a schorcing beams of light from the hands(eyes?) - make it a Darksides/Warhammer 40K'esque armor or something!

    Also, it could be an illusion or disguise by some other force/power - so you get the cool effect of anangel, but don't have to work with the dilemma of Good vs. Good

  • Idless
    Posts: 58
    Uh, and don't forget to get the right kind of beverages!


  • DarkMagus
    Posts: 425
    Gaaran this sounds incredible!! High level campaigns can be so fun (also someimes a bit tricky I find because no matter how hard I think the monster will be, they kill it in a round or two and I'm left wondering just how it happened...)

    Also, I want epic beer please. :)
  • FrankSirmarco
    Posts: 250
    I've never played an epic-level campaign before. The highest level one of my characters ever achieved was 18th, and that was when I was in high school; nigh on 20 years ago.

    The highest level I've gotten to in recent years is 14th. Of course, that was beginning with a 1st level character.

    Sounds like fun, Gaaran.
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