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Are there any plans for an Android / iPhone (or is it iOS now?) / Win Mobile app? Or at least a mobile site?

I'd love to be able access my campaign on the fly, especially since I don't have a laptop.


  • bluemagician
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    Second that, a mobile version of obsidian portal would be great.
  • Everdark
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    Third. I concur. That's a fantastic idea!
  • Everdark
    Posts: 122
    That too. Haha.
  • Curufea
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    It's a fairly simple implementation if you can pre-pend with your PHP server . Detect mobile use and strip all template layouts. There's a good tutorial here (actually it's in multiple places it seems)-

    4 easy steps to make your site mobile friendly-
  • Boze
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    bump! TTT
  • Dyluth
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    This could be a very positive development for the site indeed, a mobile means of viewing and or editing the site can only serve to make the community more appealing to an even larger community :)!
  • gnunn
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    I'm pretty sure this is what everyone is working towards in the various API threads.
  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
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    I certainly hope so. Having iphone access to OP in an app format would be brilliant!

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  • CowboyCentaur
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    any progress on this? I sure would love to be able to access my stuff at home where i actually have my campaigns. the only internet i have is on my iphone.
  • Kallak
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    From what I understand, improved usability on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices is one of the big reasons behind the kickstarter currently underway. Cozy up to one of the backers in the beta forums IMO to find out more.
    All the best,
    - Kallak
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