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I am aware that this might be a horribly stupid thing to ask but I am indeed confused this early in my snooping around here:
What exactly IS obsidian portal? I stumbled over this site looking for means to run a campaign exclusively online. But on first and second glance it does not seem to be that. Then I thought this is"just" a site where real offline p&p play gets tracked and promoted....but giving OP a third look seems to make that impression wrong as well.

I failed to find information to solve my puzzlement, so I decided to post here. Hope this does not sound too dumb.

Regards, Liondriel


  • RaseCidraen
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    Hello Liondriel!

    There are no dumb questions.

    Obsidian Portal can be whatever you want it to be. It's an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to track the status of offline campaigns, but it can be used for online ones as well. I'd know, because I've gone the offline route, and now I'm working on one online as well. While you won't find the necessary tools to play *on* Obsidian Portal (No Realtime chat or interactive maps+tokens...yet...) you will find a community and set of tools that are more than ample for organizing games.

    I hope this answers your question! If you have any more, feel free to let me know.
  • liondriel
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    It sure points me in the right direction, thank you :)
    Now, I am not trying to get a real-time online game going anyway, more something like a forum game with a lot more bells and whistles. How well would OP be suited for that in your experience (or anyone elses, of course :) )?
  • RaseCidraen
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    OP is pretty flexible in that regard. You can run a game in the Campaign forum, I believe. It's all in how you want to use the tools. They're pretty nifty that way.The forum allows you to create and link to Wiki pages on-the-fly, as it were.
  • Vandor
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    This site is really ideal for things such as a live chat game using openRPG, or some other chat warez. Then you track what happened, and all of the side data such as maps and such.
  • liondriel
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    Alright, I looked around a little closer, checked out all the videos on my campaigns site... One question remains that I can not answer yet: Should I decided to use the forums, are those as flexible as your run-off-the-mill phpbb forum when it comes to permissions, i.e. who sees which post / subforum? That is kinda essential for a purely forum based playing style after all :)
  • Curufea
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    I think the key here is the jargon word "Portal" often used with knowledge management using IT.

    From my current course-
    "Generally speaking, portals are an attempt to
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