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  • OldHeadGM77
    Posts: 1
    Hey - I know, another shameless plug.

    We are long time gamers. Take us back to the early 80's. That's how long.

    Just started with 4th edition just over 2 months ago. I am the DM. Having had the luxury of reading alot about the Scales of War AP, I suggested to everyone to get a 4th edition game going. We were playing Star Wars, the AP with that, for about a year and a half.

    I have 5 very good & dedicated players who I've shared decades of gaming with. That's very hard to find anymore. Most of us are friends from high school.

    There is SO much out there on the internet, that gaming is just 'so' different. Despite all this, we have take 4th edition in, with open arms. This is bold words, but it is certainly the best system we've played for D&D. Now, consider, we've played since the basic box set. Some of us still have the original clay/bone dice that came with those sets!

    Anyways, the blog is an incredible resource that brings all the players together. It doubles as a tool for me, so I can convey certain game world elements to help make the 'stage' feel more real.

    In closing, perhaps not the best looking blog, or best utilized blog, but I hope you give us serious consideration. I think many others would like to see how the 'old skool gamers' go at it....

  • autumnschild
    Posts: 153
    Thanks for letting the community know about your great campaign, Scott! It's always refreshing to get an old school take on a new system. I'll be sure to give it a thorough read!

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