NPC lists very slow

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  • Acetaminophen
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    The wiki and the site in general responds pretty quick, but trying to get the NPC list is slugging along at a creeping pace. This is somewhat frustrating when I'm trying to update and post around 30 NPCs in my campaign... :/

    Anyone else having this problem?
  • Majestic7
    Posts: 6
    In my experience, this is caused by the ads. Some of them - the flashing game ads especially - make browsing OP much slower. When there is some other ad in the ad slot, browsing has no problems. I see you are not ascendant member, so perhaps my hypothesis is true.
  • Acetaminophen
    Posts: 20
    I wish that were true, indeed. I am forced to use this account for the forums, as it does not allow me to post with my OpenID account, which is ascendant. :(

    It appears to be timing out when making the request for any directory page of NPCs. My guess is that because the NPC database is global to all users as opposed to the wiki pages, it's showing the first signs of either being too large or the server it is housed on is not able to handle that many requests to the single database... I don't know enough about the architecture here to really do better than guess and suffer through 10-20 second time-outs every time I go to my NPC list. This has had a negative effect on my using the site for reference while running my game, but I survived before this too. :)
  • dmagrath
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    I am an ascendant and it's slow for me too. Heads up!
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