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    Beyond the Mountains of Madness
    Run by veteran DM Aethan, Beyond the Mountains of Madness comes from the epic Call of Cthulhu campaign and sourcebook by the same name. The players, old friends of Aethan, come from all walks of life and each one of them brings something unique to the table. Not all groups can meet every week, and this group is one of them. Because of this group’s irregular schedule, Aethan and his players use their forum here on Obsidian Portal to keep everyone in sync and up-to-date on the campaign. Did you know your campaign has its own forum? It’s true!

    With a collection of historical photos, casual mention of real people, places, and events, and the fact that the whole thing is written like a history book; reading through the Adventure Log can be a very surreal experience. There were a few times where I had to open a new tab to Wikipedia just to make sure that none of this actually happened. Aethan runs a game of atmospheric terror and at the end of each session the minds of his players are left scrambling at the cliffs of sanity. So how does Aethan keep hum-drum, everyday, humans important in a campaign where there are nameless horrors lurking around every corner? Luckily it’s not his first time to the Eldritch Rodeo. Aethan prides himself on the human NPCs that you’ll find all throughout his campaign. He uses a wide cast of characters pulled from every corner of the globe in order to keep humanity in focus. Aethan expertly uses the NPC tracker to keep track of his menagerie of madness. Why, he has everything from wealthy lords to ne’er-do-well scofflaws, each one fully capable of damning mankind to a snack-y doom.

    So if you haven’t tried Call of Cthulhu yet, start with Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Aethan is a scholar and a gentleman, and he’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about running a world-class Call of Cthulhu campaign. Don’t forget to ask him about handmade props and original theme songs! What are you waiting for? Indoctrinate some friends, crack open the nomicon(s) of your choice, and summon an elder god or two. Remember, first one to be eaten wins!

    The efforts put forth by Aethan’s group and their desire to keep their favorite mythos alive in their fleshy, human brains has vaulted them to immortality in the non-Euclidian halls of the Obsidian Portal.
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