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  • bluea
    Posts: 18
    Both of these lists on the main page include five campaigns. There's a little extra space, and it would be interesting to continue browsing both of these things farther down than just the top five.

    The easiest fix would be to make, say, 10 of each available.

    Another, more complex fix would be to have a link at the bottom of "their box" that is either "Next Five" or "New page showing campaigns sorted by rating." (Or age for the other one.)

    IOW something like:
    h3. Top Rated Campaigns

    # Kensing 4.2
    # Brave New World 4.2
    # Varis: The Broken Land 4.2
    # Sins of the Father 4.1
    # Beldorn 4.1
    # See more...
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    noted, and good idea. Maybe I'll play around with a little javascript. Click the "see more" link and the box expands to show 10 or 20 or something.

    Thanks for the idea and keep them coming :)
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