• drubixcube
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    i'd like to link character names in my wiki to the NPC tracker. according to the "help" i need to link / assign / flambé the character with a slug or a number.

    what on earth does this mean? how do i do this?
  • bevinflannery
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    When you create a new NPC, the system automatically assigns a number to it. That is the default slug; it's a pain in the ass to remember, but it can be used to create a clickable link all by its lonesome without you needing to assign anything as follows: (delete all spaces *except* the ones
    before and after the pipe):

    [ [ : number | displaytext ] ]

    where displaytext = whatever text you want to be the clickable link.

    The default is to display the NPC's entire name, which you can do simply by using the number by itself, with no displaytext as follows (deleting all spaces this time):

    [ [ : number ] ]

    Dealing with the automatically assigned number is a pain. The smart thing to do is to assign an easily remembered nickname (or slug) after you create the character. After creating the character, open it again to edit. There is a field called "URL-friendly name." Populate this with whatever nickname is easiest for you to remember for your NPC. It has to be unique to the system -- if someone already has an NPC or PC with the "james" name, you can't use james. I've been lucky in that most of my NPCs can be slugged with their first name only (I called dibs!). The few whose first names were already taken are slugged with either firstnamelastname or lastname only.

    Once you've done this, it's easy to create the link just by using the nickname instead of the automatically assigned number - the syntax is the same as the examples given above, just use the nickname instead of the number.

    Keep in mind there's also a drop-down menu now on the right when you are creating/editing pages that can insert the necessary text to create the link for you if you want - I use that option more often for creating links to other Wiki pages/Adventure Log posts, since I can never remember the URL-friendly name I assign to those.
  • drubixcube
    Posts: 19
    thanks - that explains it perfectly!
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