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  • Poet22
    Posts: 2
    I would LOVE some simplistic advice on:

    1. How to add photos to Adventure Log or Wiki pages
    2. How to add multiple photos easily

    I posted some pics to Photobucket but I am finding it difficult to easily add photos.
  • Gully
    Posts: 52
    I use the HTML image tag: is a good reference for Divs and the img tag.

    if you want to make it a link then you have to copy the web addy of the page you want to link to not just the internal [[ reference. as far as multiple images easily I am unsure how to do this with out having to actual wright out the code.
  • freyja3120
    Posts: 22
    I generally do this using the code offered by obsidian portal itself, which is a very simple :

    !direct link to pic!

    Note that this will put the top of the picture at the top of where you insert this link. I also tend to use the "float" ability, I don't know where I read of it, but it allows me to put the pic to the right or left, rather than directly in the center separate from the text. To do that, you just do

    !{float:right}direct link to pic!

    while using either right or left. I've done this here, floating right, as an example:
  • Acetaminophen
    Posts: 20
    Thank you so much Freyja!

    Holy cow, I spent a ton of time trying to use the Textile references and HTML combinations getting this to work!




    God help you if you have a tilde in the path, too! It just doesn't know what to do with more than one image.

    The curly brackets clear that right up, though! I wish the reference doc told me that...
  • Acetaminophen
    Posts: 20
    hmm... incedently, the pre tag doesn't really leave code alone.

    I didn't put the a href tag in there at all. That was the translation after I hit "save reply"

    These edit fields really do some weird arse stuff to what you code. It slaughters the hell out of HTML and Textile, it seems.
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