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  • davethegame
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    Hey all. I was invited to try out Obsidian Portal by an invitation from my website ( I've finally gotten to the point in my new campaign where a Wiki would come in very handy for the game I'm running, since there's starting to be a substantial amount of NPCs and places. But I'm running into some difficulties while using the site...

    What I can do:
    -Add NPCs. This functionality is great, and exactly what I want for nearly everything.
    -Add adventure descriptions. But I'm holding off on this because...

    What I can't do:
    -Add nearly anything else. I'd like to set up pages for the locations that the party has visited, and be able to link to NPCs related to that location.
    -Add links in NPC descriptions. I refer to other NPCs and places in the fluff box area, but I can't seem to link to them using the Wiki markup.
    -Navigate easily. When I want to edit a bunch of NPCs, after I edit, it takes a few clicks to get back to my NPC list.

    I really want a big button like the NPC tab that just allows me to add anything, which I can link from and back to later. That'll make things way easier.

    So am I just missing something, or are these things just not implemented yet?

  • Micah
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    Hi Dave! I'm glad you decided to take me up on the invite :)

    A lot of stuff is not implemented yet, and we're working on the navigation issues. It's a non-trivial issue to come up with a good navigation scheme. Perhaps the "NPC in XXX campaign" link should go directly to the NPC tracker for that campaign? Sound good?

    As to the NPC linking from the blog/wiki, I noticed a problem on your blog entry:
    To link to Knolan, use the slug "knolanaltimus" not "knolan" Howe does not have a slug (URL friendly name) set. You can either create a slug for this character or just link using its character ID (788). That would look like [[:778]] For Grob Zerk, I'm not sure what's going on. Perhaps just edit and re-save the post. The links are re-created each time the post is edited, not when it is rendered.

    The inter-character linking is something I've been thinking about. A lot of people have requested it, but it's tricky from an implementation perspective. Then again, maybe I could hack it for now and do it properly later ;)
  • davethegame
    Posts: 2
    Yes, the extra navigation link would be great (and probably useful for each section to just jump back to the section you're in)

    Editing and re-saving worked for me, though it doesn't look like the Adventure Log wiki "talks" to the DM Wiki, since I copy and pasted the code for one of my entries into the blogpost, and it doesn't recognize it. Is that still being worked on?

    Thanks for responding.

  • Micah
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    Just as you asked, we've added the ability to link the characters to other characters. Check it out, it uses the same syntax as the wiki:


    And, like you guessed, the DM wiki is separate from the adventure log. The adventure log is actually part of the Party Wiki, as it's expected to be public info.
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