Our new forum. Let us rejoice!


  • autumnschild
    Posts: 153
    Hail friends and travelers,

    I am AutumnsChild(dan) and I will be your moderator this evening. This forum is on a sort of probationary period. Micah has agreed to make this forum for us and I agreed to moderate it as a labor of love. If it turns ugly and becomes some kinda hive, wretched in its scum AND/OR villainy, I will turn this forum around and there will be no Disney World or ice cream for the lot of you.

    With that said, let’s start this party off right!
  • dungeoncrawlers
    Posts: 32
    Disney World? I call dibbs on the princesses. You can keep the ice cream, just give leave me to my ale. Cool concept, this forum. Hope it takes off and I get to see a few nice campaigns that I may have overlooked over the months.
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