[FIXED] Search box goes haywire in Firefox/Ubuntu

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  • krank
    Posts: 16

    So, yeah, new here and all that, but I couldn't find anything on this, so...

    On my computer, a 64-bit Ubuntu monster, the search box pops down a row when I browse the site in Firefox. It really screws up the entire layout.

    If I block the 2d6 image in the header, it pops back up.

    My guess is that it's related to font sizes and the way FF handles the width of things. A bit more leeway in the header, just 5-6 px or so, should probably take care of this CSS issue.
  • krank
    Posts: 16
    Nevermind, worked itself out when I lowered the default font size of Firefox =)
  • ryan
    Posts: 126
    What version of FireFox are you using btw - I'm going to see about fixing this in case font sizes are large
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