Entire Page GM-Only - not working?

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  • im_robertb
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    Using Firefox 3.5.2.

    Issue: My players report that if text is in the Public field of a page, they can read it, even if I have marked that page as GM-only.

    In particular:

    And apparantly this page has disappeared. I used to have notes in the GM-only section.
    Level 9: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/dodec/wikis/loot-plans-level-9-0
  • im_robertb
    Posts: 2
    I believe I have fixed the issue with the page that had disappeared; the link I was following was blue, and the text had the name of the page [[Loot Plans Level 9]], but the link went to http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/dodec/wikis/loot-plans-level-9-0 - it added the '-0' to the end. Going into the edit page and resaving the page resolved that issue.
  • unclebb
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    I confirm bug with "GM-only" pages; my players somehow can even edit them
    Also, players can access locked wiki-pages via RSS on main page.
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