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  • heratyk
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    When not logged in, my home page, campaign log, and a few other pages have a large blue font. When I am logged in, the font is black and normal-sized. This is true in IE and Firefox. I experimented between using html and textile, but it did not seem to make a difference. Specifying a font size (relative or absolute) in html does not seem to matter, either.

    I can adjust the font to a more manageable size through my browser, but it looks ungainly to any unregistered visitors to the site. Any idea what's going on and how I can fix it? Thanks.
  • ghostofeasthalls
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    I also have this problem:

    The large font only seems to appear on the main page, the adventure log, and the individual posts.  My individual wiki pages seem unaffected.  On my page, I think this started when I added a campaign logo. 

    This large font seems to match the text fonts that the logo has 'covered up' (the color from the "campaign title" link, the font size from the "tag line", & the color from the "rule system" link) .  Could be related... I had to reinsert my campaign tag line in the body text becuase those three items (above, in parentheses) vanished when I added a logo.
  • heratyk
    Posts: 3
    Yes, that is the same issue. Your page looks normal while I'm logged in, but has large blue text when I'm not.

    I found a way around the problem by using inline style sheets and specifying the text size and other properties.
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