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  • Kabniel
    Posts: 6
    I've recently moved (to Tuscaloosa, AL) and need a new gaming outlet.

    Anyone have any tips or suggestions on finding new gaming groups? I've checked NearbyGamers and AccessDenied. Slim pickin's. I know there are people around. It's a college town afterall and there is a gaming store and a comic store.

    I'm planning on going by the two stores and seeing if they have leads. But the gaming store focuses on yu-gi-oh (sp?) and board games. Not sure how that will pan out if i'm looking for minis players and RPG groups.

    Oh, and if there is anyone in the Tuscaloosa area, I'm looking to play mini games (warhammer 40k, confrontation, warmachine/hordes) and RPG stuff (dnd, warhammer fantasy RPG, etc)

    Thanks all
  • geekevolved
    Posts: 75
    Check out the official DnD forums. I've found people before that have been willing to drive from the other side of my state (Florida) because they couldn't find a game near them....
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    I got a great player from the DnD forums.

    You should also check this site out:

    Also, if it's a college town, try to find out if there's an on-campus gaming group. Many colleges have them, and they are usually open to students and non-students alike.

    Good luck!
  • Jennifer
    Posts: 78
    Get wired. I.e. play online via a chatroom. I prefer it to face-to-face for RPG games. There are various software platforms out there you can use, or you can just eschew them as I do and play from the hip. The reason I can write up such long, detailed logs is that I have a word-for-word transcript of everything that gets said during the entire session.

    Chat rooms tend to keep the OOC conversation to a minimum as well, and they are FANTASTIC for "note-passing" because no one else ever has to know that you said something. Plus, there's no travel time, no gas expenditure, and you don't have to rely on having enough people in your immediate physical location to play.

    On the downside, occasionally you will have technical problems, but these are usually resolvable if everyone has a semi-decent internet service provider.
  • outrider
    Posts: 46
    Wow different worlds, I would guess. I'm more for the face to face social aspect of gaming. I have met all my players face to face and got to know them before I let them in my game. I am currently running on of my games at the local game store and get people checking it out, most asking to join at some point.

    I would check out the game store even if it specializes in cards and minis. Many people play more than one type of game. The local store I'm at sells primarily cards and minis but there are plenty of people who wish to play.
  • DMaple
    Posts: 63
    I've done both in the past, I prefer face to face, but you take what you can get, luckily at the moment I'm in a great tabletop group. I don't think I would limit myself to using just a chatroom for gaming, especially since there is great software available to support remote roleplaying. I've used fantasy grounds which is pretty good but comes with a one off cost, but there are at least a couple of open source programs like OpenRPG that do the job.
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