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    So I guess I'll introduce myself, as that seems to be the thing to do around these parts. I'm Alex. I've been playing D&D for, probably 11 years or so now, and it didn't even interfere with my college graduation! (Which I'm thankful for) (Wow, this sounds like what the movies portray AA meetings to be like.) I've played in so many campaigns I can't even begin to recall all of them. I've somehow managed to keep track of most of the character's I've played over that time period, and none of them are all that identical. I like to consider myself a Knight Errant, but I make more Errors than anything else.

    I started off in 2nd Edition, then made my way to 3rd, and then 3.5, and I'm as of yet unwilling to make the jump to 4E. I don't quite see the need for it. I've been playing with the same group of people, more or less, for all those 11 years, and as the newcomer, I've learned a lot, and helped expand the group out into some d20, and then a bit of d20 Modern here and there.

    I started off solely as a player, but I've begun DMing more and more as time progressed. I'm currently in the middle of running a Planescape campaign, which I welcome you all to check out. (I hope you forgive the Rough hewn cut that is the Wiki, it's a work in progress), and co-DMing another campaign set in a unique Sci-fi universe. (Aren't they all?)

    This is getting to be a bit long winded, but I'm interested in hearing from anyone interested in the hobby, and I hope to find a good game going here, and to find some good people to play with.

    You can find my campaign at http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/planescape-campaign/wikis/main-page (It's primarily a session log, but I'm working at expanding it more as often as I can.) [/shameless plug]

    May you live in interesting times!
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    For my part, I jumped to 4E because I'm much less afraid to be DM under that system. I *never* felt I had a strong handle on how to build properly challenging encounters in 3.5. If you figured out how to explain it in plain English, please enlighten me - I have enough friends who played 3.5 that I could revert in a campaign or two. :)
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